Monday 19 August 2019

My Happy Place: Blogger 'Just Kassi' on dancing as an outlet of expression

Kassiani Cheirogeorgou

Blogger Kassiani Cheirogeorgou of 'Just Kassi' blog writes about her happy place for as part of the 'Mind yourself' campaign, together with the Irish Independent.

When I was asked by to take part in the #Mindyourself campaign and write about my happy place, I didn’t believe that it would take me long to think about it. But I am so consumed by everyday life that when asked something as simple as that, it does take a while to think. For me a happy place is not just one, it varies with times and periods, but a happy place is always judged by how you feel. A happy place is a safe place filled with the moments you spend with the people you love or working on something you are very passionate about.

My happy place revolves around having fun and expressing it. Dance is one of my outlets and expression through movement is what makes me happy. The people who know me well know that dancing is a way of life for me, and it will always put a smile on my face. I have always been dancing, either in a studio or out with friends. As dancing was always part of my life I have tried so many different styles to find out what suits me the most. Traditional, ballet, jazz, latin, flamenco – you name it, I’ve tried them all.

A happy place for me is combined with the sense of achievement. So when this is applied to dancing, the more difficult the dance, the happier I am when I get the move or choreography right. A great passion of mine is flamenco. Although I have stopped dancing in the past year and a half, the moments spent in my flamenco shoes where some of my happiest.  The sense of achievement and the happy feeling after the 2 hour dance sessions in my flamenco school back in Athens were some of the moments I will never forget. The concentration and focus of all the dancers and the feeling of working as a group to achieve one goal made me so happy.

It is amazing to see people wanting something as much as you do and working together to achieve it. Being part of a team of dancers, as passionate and energised as me, and producing a show at the end of each academic year really made me happy.

While I‘ve stopped dancing flamenco in a school, this doesn’t mean that I’ve stopped dancing altogether. My life partner is my dance partner too, so I am sure you will find us boogieing some time in Dublin.

Happy dancing!

You can read more from Kassi here and follow her on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube.


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