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'Three cups of tea a day cuts Alzheimer's risk'


Stock photo: PA

Stock photo: PA


Stock photo: PA

Drinking three cups of tea every day could cut your risk of developing Alzheimer's, according to a study.

Researchers in the US have identified a link to flavonols, an antioxidant that is present in nearly all fruits and vegetables, as well as tea.

For an average of six years, they tracked what more than 900 elderly people ate and drank and monitored who went on to develop Alzheimer's. They were divided into five groups based on flavonol in their diet. Those in the group, where average age was 81, who ingested the most were 48pc less likely to succumb.

The average amount of flavonol intake is about 16-20mg per day. Previous research puts the quantity in an average size cup of tea at between 8-15mg.

"Eating more fruits and vegetables and drinking more tea could be a fairly inexpensive and easy way for people to help stave off Alzheimer's," said Dr Thomas Holland, who led the research at Rush University in Chicago.

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