Saturday 16 December 2017

Switching over to the power of positive thinking

Mind your step

Picture posed. Thinkstock Images
Picture posed. Thinkstock Images

Declan Coyle

How many of us go through life like a friend of mine who rang me last week?

"I keep getting negative thoughts in my head about everything and they're so strong they just spread like weeds," she told me. "When it comes to my running I doubt that I'll be able to ever succeed in competing in a race again."

She was a young athlete. I had asked her what her major running challenges were. She immediately responded: "The self-belief to enjoy what I am doing."

The presence of negative thoughts in our minds is something we can do something about – but first of all we need to be aware that they are there. Otherwise, as my young friend intimated, they can take over your life by telling you that you are not capable of doing what you have planned.

After a while, you not only believe those thoughts, you obey them. Every time you have an Obama moment and think you can do something, just as you start to think that ... those negative thoughts try to force you to give up.

The good news is that you can turn things around.

"So, getting rid of negative thoughts is your top priority?" I asked her.

"Absolutely," she said.

"Those thoughts that say you can't or you're not good enough need to be changed and replaced," I told her.

I warned her though that when you try to get rid of them your mind will fight back. That's because these thoughts and beliefs are planted on your sub-conscious which controls 96pc of how you live and train and run.

I would recommend that you take a gentle approach and every time you catch yourself having a negative thought, change it by replacing it.

The really good news is that you cannot hold a negative thought and a positive thought at the same time. Next give your subconscious some support, like reasons why you can instead of reasons why you can't.

For example if you catch yourself having negative thoughts that say: "I won't do well in this race. I'm not good enough." Then replace those thoughts with something positive like: "I'll give this my best shot and see where it takes me."

What I want you to do from now on is give yourself reasons why you can achieve your running goals. When you believe without a doubt that you can, that's when real change happens ... and quickly at that.

Your thoughts and beliefs create your life. Generally whatever you think and believe you will see manifested in your life. Your subconscious obediently follows your thoughts and beliefs as instructions or commands.

You can achieve your athletic goals. You can banish negativity. You can dream and shoot higher than you think you can. Forget about being better than others. Just aim to be a better today than you were yesterday.

Do it now and see how it will work once you make up your mind to banish those negative thoughts.


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