Wednesday 21 August 2019

Pat Henry: Obstacles and growth

Sometimes what seems like a setback can, in fact, be a life lesson

Pat Henry: still going strong. Photo: Marc O'Sullivan.
Pat Henry: still going strong. Photo: Marc O'Sullivan.

Life often throws curve balls at us as we go through it. For me it was a situation in 1986. I incurred a really painful back injury, when doing a stupid exercise and was left incapacitated after having a back operation in which the wrong disc was taken out. I had a dropped foot and a lifeless leg and hip. When you are told you may never walk again, it certainly puts you in a very stressful mood where everything looks dark and, for a while, you see no way out. But when you have other people depending on you to get better, it makes you sit up and look deeper inside to find a solution. Eventually it dawned on me that this may have happened for a reason.

I realised after much soul searching that I had been in a job that didn't make me happy and was getting more stressed every day. I did not have the faith or courage to leave or let go of my fear of having no job or career. With a lot of prayer and visualisation and a lot of exercise, I began to have some feeling in my foot. This only happened when I took decisive action to get better. Making the decision to be responsible, and more importantly, being aware what was happening in my life brought about great belief in my inner strength and my ability to make a complete recovery.

Often, when you get so low, your mind just stops thinking and fear drops away. When the mind is still, you get information or intuition or ideas on how to solve the problem you may be experiencing. If you try and solve the problem by thinking your way out of the situation, it often makes it worse.

You will also find that your mind may push you further into fear when people offer you sympathy. Sympathy in this situation may give you comfort or a feeling that everyone cares for you, but often, tough love is needed.

IN crisis, the first thing you need to do is to make a definite decision to overcome your problem. Go inside yourself - seek help from your subconscious, demand help, believe there is a power higher than you that can solve your problem, which may be the best thing that every happened to you.

It will, like it did for me, force you to make a move one way or the other. You cannot stand still because life is like a stream that keeps moving. Stagnant water only brings disease. If we stand still, our minds and bodies seize up. Muscles deteriorate and panic sets into your mind.

The more you seek guidance from the subconscious, all fear, stress and worry will disappear, opening up a powerful supply of energy, which will flow into every area of your life: your job, relationships, family etc.

You will begin to see new possibilities - new opportunities will unfold and maybe for the first time in your life. you will be where you are meant to be, and be with the people and places that will help push you to greatness.

Speak to your subconscious daily. Seek guidance - it is your way to complete success. It is always there for you, offering advice. All you have to do is ask and someday you will get your answer if you listen. You may surprise yourself.

For years, I didn't listen. But it came to me in another form and, luckily, I was aware of what was happening. I had a wife that saw the answers for years, but I would not listen until it was nearly too late.

Finally, I was forced to exercise and try to stay focused so I could walk - practising visualisation, seeing myself walking, day dreaming of running a marathon - and after a lot of hard work, prayer and subconscious programming, I walked into the surgeon's office three months later. Walking unaided, he said it was a miracle!

He did not think I could have walked. My bill was €7,500, but he admitted to me that, as there had been a mistake where he had removed L4 instead of L5, he would not be charging me.

No, I did not sue him! I thanked God I was able to walk, and I left my job and used the same energy to build a successful business.

I'm still going strong after 30 years with the help of a supporting family and friends.

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