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Pat Henry: Free your mind


Spending time alone in solitude for at least 10 minutes, like when meditating, can assist you in your 'woundology' cleanse

Spending time alone in solitude for at least 10 minutes, like when meditating, can assist you in your 'woundology' cleanse

Pat Henry

Pat Henry


Spending time alone in solitude for at least 10 minutes, like when meditating, can assist you in your 'woundology' cleanse

If you engage in the practice of 'woundology' you will turn your life into one long process of constantly looking back on things or people who wronged you, which will cause you to feel haunted by the past.

Unfortunately dwelling on past encounters and wrongdoings brings them into your forward life. The famous quote 'whatever you fear most comes about' comes to mind. This happens when you are living in the past. These memories can really make your life a living hell.

Very few people will have reached adulthood without some battle scars. These can be physical or mental. The physical scars will heal but the mental ones you carry on your back with such a burden that they may limit your chance of happiness.

Our wounds can be from early days in school where you may have been bullied; it could be constant negative comments from a parent; or some other negative influences that can shape your life, especially if you are the subconscious type. This is someone who is easily influenced by any comment negative or positive.

You have a choice - either you grow as a person or you withdraw into yourself.

Generally subconscious people are highly positive, creative and outgoing, depending on how much self worth they have. This is why there is so much emphasis on the practice of yoga, meditation and mindfulness. We need to get to know and to love ourselves and treat ourselves with great tenderness.

Your inner self or soul is untouchable to outside influences. This is why it is essential to harvest the good energy that comes from spending time each day and night getting to know your true self which in the end is the only way of setting 'woundology' free.

Let go of past mistakes, learning to be compassionate to yourself. If in your mind you revisit the past mistakes with genuine compassion, you will begin to forgive yourself and others who have wronged or hurt you. It's not easy, but when you forgive, the inner wounds start to heal and a sense of freedom will overcome you.

You have to trust this inner voice that will eventually set you free by bringing you to places in your mind that you might not want to visit. As you begin to see your wounds unfold in your life, you will see that letting go of the past is the only answer we have.

We have all had curve balls thrown at us in life but it depends on whether you are going to live in a world of wounds or take something positive from each situation and move on.

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Steps to assist you on your journey:

1. Spend time alone in solitude for at least 10 minutes, even if it means going for a walk on your own or hiding in the loo

2. Learn to meditate

3. Avoid watching and reading bad vibe TV and books

4. Avoid vampires and those that suck your energy dry, leaving you feeling tired and negative

5. Exercise daily - walking, swimming, tennis, aerobics, mountain biking, weight training. The reason for exercise is to increase the body's vibrations which make you feel well and blows away the cobwebs

6. Spend a little time every day letting go of the past and don't allow the past become your future

We are all born special, so sprinkle a little stardust on your life and become who you are meant to be through greatness.

Carrying the weight of the past will slow even the most resilient down, says Pat Henry. It's time to cleanse the body and soul of the scars that are holding you back

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