Wednesday 18 September 2019

Mindful moment… The power of a good cry

Crying can let off steam
Crying can let off steam

Marianne Power

Last week I went on a long-awaited holiday. The flights were booked weeks ago and my friend and I were excited to have fun in the sun after what had been a challenging year for both of us. Expectations were high.

Unfortunately the holiday did not go our way - the hotel was dark, empty and depressing, miles from anywhere. The weather could only be described as Irish. The restaurants we ended up in might have been auditioning for Hell's Kitchen.

It was a flop. There was no choice but to have a drink and cry. Then to have another drink and cry. But we weren't really crying at the dank hotel or rain: we were crying to let off steam; crash-landing after a full-on year. After sobbing into our sangria, we went to bed and slept like the dead for 12 hours.

The next morning we felt better. We needed the cry and the sleep. After that we made the decision to drop any expectations of how it should be and to accept the holiday as it was, which was so bad it was funny. A holiday that we'll remember for years after the good ones. A holiday in which I laughed more than I have in years.

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