Thursday 22 August 2019

Mindful moment… Look beneath the surface

Marianne Power

I am tired. I am very, very tired. I keep telling anyone who'll listen that I'm tired.

When asked how I am the answer is "tired". When someone asks what I'm up to at the weekend I say: "Nothing, I'm tired."

But what are we really saying when we say we are tired? Usually it refers to something much bigger than a lack of sleep. After all, I am not the mother of a newborn, I am getting enough sleep.

What I mean is that I have been working too much and my brain is fried. What I mean is that I am scared that none of this work is going to pay off. What I mean is that I am weary from always having to keep the show on the road.

I am weary from being in it alone. I am lonely and I am scared about what happens next. But I can't say all that and so I just say "I'm tired".

Next time you say "I am tired" have a think about what you really mean. And next time a friend tells you that they're tired, consider what it is that they're actually saying. You'll find that that one little, much-used word, can contain a lot of meaning.

* Marianne Power is the author of

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