Wednesday 12 December 2018

Mindful moment… Beware the highlights reel

'Good news shared on Facebook is not the whole story'
'Good news shared on Facebook is not the whole story'

Marianne Power

My life is a dream come true right now. My first book is coming out in September and is being translated into 19 languages. There is even talk of making it into a TV series. I am now one of those people I would hate if I read about her.

Every day, colleagues message me to tell me they are in awe of what I've done but there is nothing to be in awe of. The last four-and-a-half years - the time it's taken to write the book - have been an uphill, debt-ridden, depression-inducing slog, but only very close friends and family saw that.

After all, I was not sharing pictures on Instagram of the weeks I didn't get dressed or the size of my growing credit card bills.

I was not videoing the hours spent in floods of tears at spending another day on my own, typing words into a computer... but I am sharing the good times now, which can create a very distorted picture of reality.

So remember, when you see people sharing good news on Facebook, it's not the whole story. And don't compare your behind-the-scenes mess with everyone else's highlights reel.

* Marianne Power is the author of

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