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Karl Henry: You have to put yourself first if you want to be successful


Karl Henry

Karl Henry

Digestion-boosting smoothie

Digestion-boosting smoothie


Karl Henry

No matter what your personality type, we all strive for perfection in our lives. The majority of people want to reach their best, while at the same time conforming to the norms of society. What many of us fail to recognise is that peer pressure could be holding us back from becoming our very best selves, be it in work or our personal lives.

Peer pressure is something that we usually associate with impressionable teenagers, but it's just as much at play in our adult lives. Trying to do the latest diet or health fad - even though you hate it - because your colleagues are following the same regimen or, on the other end of the scale, drinking as much as others in your social group do are examples of how your life can be affected by peer pressure.

Instead of giving in to the group mentality, you need to learn to be happy in your own skin.

Do only things that you want to because you enjoy them or that you need to because they will lead to accomplishing a goal that will ultimately make you happy.

Some may see this attitude as selfishness - and initially you may have to be selfish to carve out your own niche - but in order to be happy and successful you have to learn to put yourself first.

Many people think that to turn their lives around they need to make big, dramatic changes but often a simple shift in thinking can bring about the biggest change.

Digestion-boosting smoothie

Juicing and blending are great ways to get your minerals and vitamins in. Ideally, load your smoothie or juice up with vegetables and nuts and keep to just one or two pieces of fruit per drink to keep the sugar content low. This is one of my favourite recipes.

You will need

1 kiwi

2 slices of pineapple

1 red pepper

1 green pepper

Kale to taste

200ml water

2 tbsp of your seed of choice

½ tbsp wheatgrass


This couldn't be more simple to make. Place the fruit, peppers and as much kale as you like into a blender. Pour in 200ml of water and then add the seeds and wheatgrass last. Blend until smooth, pour into a glass and enjoy.

Try this

Live in the now! So many of us spend our time pondering the past or the future, distracting ourselves from what is currently going on in our lives. Try to focus on the now, on the reality of what you are doing, and you'll have lower anxiety levels and increased contentment.

Read this


This website is a great resource for tips and advice for helping to prevent health issues as well as on general wellbeing.

Eat this

I recently picked up organic seeds made by Irish company The Happy Pear in my local supermarket. They're great used in salads, stir frys and even in juices.

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