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Happy thoughts: Why we're craving good news stories


Think of what the last thing was that you shared on Facebook, Twitter or WhatsApp. The chances are it wasn't about the pandemic dominating the news headlines but rather a heart-warming video you'd seen online, a funny gif, an uplifting story of some act of kindness. Maybe the video of Christy Dignam singing in his garden for the neighbours or the heartwarming clip of Ken, the elderly man crying with happiness in Manchester when carers presented him with a cushion bearing a photo of his late wife.

The old refrain has always been that 'no news is good news' - but not in a pandemic. Now, more than ever, we're seeking out stories from around the world of kind acts, entertaining moments and uplifting news.

According to Google Trends, searches for 'good news' have reached an all-time high, five times higher than just a few months ago, before the crisis hit. This is also true for Ireland; Google doesn't release hard numbers but the spike in hunts for terms like 'good news' 'uplifting' and 'positive' news were around four times more popular towards the end of March than they were in December 2019.