Sunday 25 March 2018

Happiness upgrade... Don't have an upper limit problem

A few months ago I was given brilliant news: I had my very first book deal! My first response to this news was to get excited. Obviously. My second response was to get sick. I didn't consciously choose to get sick but for the next three weeks I was in bed with a mystery virus that made me sleep around the clock (and sweat like a pig).

I moaned about my rubbish immune system but a friend sent me a message asking me if I had something called an Upper Limit Problem. I'd never heard of it but I Googled and it's something that Gay Hendricks writes about in a book called The Big Leap. His theory is that we all have our own standard level of happiness and when we get close to exceeding this standard - say with news of book deals - we panic, get scared and self-sabotage. Either we get sick, we do something that might wreck our great relationships or, as is often the case with politicians, we get caught up in some scandal that marks the end of our glittering career.

I don't know if what I had was just a bug or a fear of success - but it made me think about accepting good things.

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