Sunday 20 January 2019

Man finds five-foot tapeworm 'wiggling out' of him after eating sushi 'almost daily'

A Japanese platter of food
A Japanese platter of food

A man who had eaten sushi on an almost-daily basis discovered a tapeworm that was ‘wiggling out’ as he sat on the toilet, a doctor has revealed.

The California man sought help at the emergency room at Community Regional Medical Center to get help when he feared something was drastically wrong with his intestines.

According to his doctor Dr. Kenny Bahn who revealed the case on the podcast This Won’t Hurt A Bit, the man panicked when he could feel the five-and-a-half feet tapeworm wiggling out.

He was relieved to get the tapeworm diagnosis, and was prescribed medication to help remove the rest of it from his body.

The man told the doctors he had been eating sushi on an almost-daily basis.

Last year, consumers in the US were warned that wild salmon caught off the coast of Alaska could contain tapeworm.

It was previously thought the parasite only infected fish caught in Asia.

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