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YouTuber 'AineBeauty' on #LivingWithCancer: 'When you're waiting on results it's incredibly scary'


Irish vloggers and social media influencers are sharing their experiences of #LivingWithCancer as part of the Independent.ie series.

Independent.ie will be featuring a number of vloggers during the #LivingWithCancer campaign all this week.

YouTuber  YouTuber to undertake the 'Living With Cancer' tag. As part of this video tag, social media influencers are asked to donate to the Irish Cancer Soc and tag others to do the same.

In the video, Aine discussed her own "near miss with cervical cancer" and a number of losses she suffered in her extended family.

"When you are getting tests done and waiting on results back it's incredibly scary".

"I was getting a regular checkup when they noticed an anomaly. I had to go back several times for tests and treatment and that was incredibly scary".

"I tried not to think about it but... I would be walking to work and I would just burst into tears".

"You're so aware of survival rates.... it's incredibly scary".

"I am so scared of it happening again".

Watch the video below and join the conversation on social media using the hashtag #LivingWithCancer.

Aine is a beauty vlogger who normally covers topics like hair and makeup tutorials, product reviews and more.

Text PINK to 50300 to donate €4 to the Irish Cancer Society.

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