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‘I’m not afraid to die’: Brave Amy is terminally ill after rare ovarian cancer diagnosis at 25


Amy Gavin featured on RTE's Keeping Ireland Alive

Amy Gavin featured on RTE's Keeping Ireland Alive

Amy Gavin featured on RTE's Keeping Ireland Alive

A brave Irish woman who is terminally ill revealed that she isn’t afraid of dying but worries about her family and friends that will be left behind.

Amy Gavin (28) was diagnosed with stage 3C terminal ovarian cancer in December 2013 and features on tonight’s episode of RTE’s Keeping Ireland Alive: The Health Service.

“I am not scared to die but I would love to see things happen. It’s who you leave behind that’s the ones you worry about,” she said, speaking on the documentary.

“You are born into the world and then you die. The unexpected is just the scary thing,” she said.

The Galway woman revealed that her diagnosis came after months of symptoms, which she believed to be linked to Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS). However the results of a routine blood test came back erratic, and further surgery revealed several cysts on Amy’s ovaries. The cancer has also spread to the lining of Amy’s stomach.

The 28-year-old, who has been through more than 20 rounds of chemotherapy and stem cell treatments revealed that she feared she would not have the opportunity to say goodbye to her loved ones when she fell critically ill during Christmas 2014.

“I had my brush with death. I did not even know- I was so out of it on morphine. I could not even say goodbye. I did not know my family was saying goodbye to me. That was the hardest thing ever,” she said.

To help with the cost of her treatment, Amy has set up a Go Fund Me page and hopes her participation in the RTE documentary will highlight the importance of Hospices around the country.

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Keeping Ireland  Alive: The Health Service in A Day is on RTE One on Monday at 9.35pm

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