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Keep trying with your resolutions


Persist with the right choices

Persist with the right choices

Persist with the right choices

If your New Year resolve for improvement is flagging, counselling psychologist Aisling Curtin has a pep talk to help us get back on track.

She advises: "Acknowledge that it's human to make mistakes. One thing that can be guaranteed around new year resolutions is that the majority of people who make them will go off course. It is part of human nature. The key thing here is how we relate to ourselves after we make these mistakes. Do we continue to berate ourselves? Do we use this lapse as a means of falling off the wagon completely? It is vital to acknowledge that this happens to everyone, learn from our lapse and get back on track."

Aisling, who is part of the Psychological Society of Ireland, also suggests that if your resolution really matters to you, tell someone you know and trust, who will keep your best interests at heart. Be very clear to the person around what you want from them in terms of support. We all need different levels of support - some people like an occasional text message, others a quick call.

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