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Italy tops for mums over 40


Monica Bellucci

Monica Bellucci

Monica Bellucci

Much has been made of recent Eurostat statistics showing the high proportion of Irish women giving birth over 40.

It showed that 3.4pc of newborns in Ireland are to women of this age.

But missing from the statistics were the countries where even more births are to the over-40s.

In Italy it is 6.1pc and Spain 5.1pc. The proportion of older mums in Greece is 4.1pc, while in Switzerland the over-40s make up 3.7pc of mums. Italian actress Monica Bellucci (right), gave birth to her second child at age 45.

There are higher rates of complications among older women, as obstetricians rightly point out

But the figures suggest many are willing to take the chance, bringing the experience of years to job of motherhood.

It can only be good for baby.

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