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Sunday 22 September 2019

'I went to work as a 30 year old woman and woke up as a baby' - Irish woman shares story of tragic accident aftermath

Clare Cullen

A now-paraplegic survivor of a single-car accident on her way to work shared her story on the Anton Savage Show.

Anna Carroll said that she went to work as a thirty year old woman and "woke up basically as a baby because literally you have to learn to do everything again".

She explained that the period around the accident is "blotchy" due to the head injury she sustained.

She explained that she's unsure what actually happened as she can't remember it.

"I'm told I headed out to work... as normal".

She said that the next thing she remembers is "waking up in the high dependency ward in the Mater unit".

She explains that she didn't realise she was paralysed until a week after she woke up, when "the doctor told me 'you'll never walk again'".

"I told her, that's your opinion, Doctor, but I'll walk again".

She said she went into "immediate denial" about her situation.

"I still have the belief that I will walk again one day".

"I didn't get depressed but... anger. Anger is the main.... I think it will always be with me".

"Some days you can take it, and some days it hits you bang on".

Anna wants drivers to "take more patience" on the road, something she has "had to learn" since her accident.

She explained that the smallest tasks are now "huge", like washing and getting dressed. "You've to roll this way, and roll that way".

"I can do all that myself but I do have home assistance".

Anna said that one of the biggest challenges has been a total change in how she approaches things. "I used to decide to go to things last minute..You can't do that anymore. You have to plan everything and time everything".

"I'd have more value for the simple little things in life... I still am Anna, but just have a nicer outlook. I don't let the little things wind me up anymore".

"Thankfully I have my two arms, my brain and my voice".

"I just want to make people aware beyond these horrible road traffic deaths there are us - the survivors who have to put up a fight every day to get through our day".


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