Friday 24 November 2017

'I use self-hypnosis for motivation. It's a great tool.

Hair extensions entrepreneur Katie Jane Gold says it' snot just about fitness...a good mind and body balance is essential to an overall healthy lifestyle.

Do you consider yourself to have a healthy lifestyle?

Yes I do! I work out, I eat well and I know how to balance my own stress levels. In my opinion to have a healthy lifestyle you have to have a mind and body balance. I use Self Hypnosis on a regular basis for many different things; healthy eating, motivation to work out and also stress control...Its a fantastic tool.

Do you exercise regularly? If so, what do you do?

My personal trainer comes to my house twice a week since I got pregnant. I also do Pilates.

Do you do it willingly or begrudgingly?

Willingly actually - exercise creates endorphins, which in turn makes you feel good - so after my class I feel great and extra motivated for the day.

What time do you go to bed?

Usually around 11.30pm.

What time do you get up in the morning?

7am - but it could be earlier if we have business calls in other time zones.

What do you have for breakfast?

Porridge with blueberries or eggs any style… poached, scrambled, boiled…. I love them all!


We are on the go a lot with work - so I usually just grab a wrap when I'm out.


Barry my husband is very healthy and also a great cook, so he makes our dinner most nights. He will always make us something healthy but tasty.

Any snacks?

I always bring food into work with me - usually cottage cheese and tomatoes for one snack and natural yogurt and blueberries for the other!

Do you take any supplements?

At the moment I am taking Pregnancy vitamins which include folic acid, Omega 3 & 6 and plenty of other vitamins!

How much water do you drink?

A litre a day - I carry a bottle around with me and we also have a water machine in the office.

Do you have a skincare routine?

Yes, I go to a dermatologist every 8 weeks and I also cleanse, tone, and moisturise every day.

Any allergies?

I'm allergic to Shellfish. I have had a couple of nasty reactions where I have been hospitalised. So now I am very careful when I go out for dinner and always tell the waiter I'm allergic.

Any vices?

I adore Coffee! Cappuccinos, Nespresso, Americanos… anything goes. Although since I got pregnant I've moved onto decaf.

If I could change one thing about my lifestyle it would be …

If I could change anything it would be to have a little more free time! At the moment my husband and I are launching our new business so we do 12-14 hour days. The great thing about working with your family is that we are always together!

Katie Jane Gold is director of Gold Fever hair and The Paul Goldin Clinic.

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