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Thursday 18 October 2018

'I thought it was just a pimple' - Irish man (27) on shock skin cancer diagnosis

Kenneth Giles never did sun beds or got repeatedly burned.
Kenneth Giles never did sun beds or got repeatedly burned.
Geraldine Gittens

Geraldine Gittens

A 27 year-old man has revealed he was diagnosed with eye cancer after he got an innocuous-looking pimple under his eye checked.

Kenneth Giles (27) from Dublin has warned Irish people to be vigilant about the effects of the sun, and to wear sunscreen.

“I went in to the doctor for something completely different and she asked me ‘have you ever gotten it checked?’”

“I had been looking at it for six months and thought it was just a skin tag. I never thought it was cancer so when I was going to the plastic surgeon to have it removed I told my parents that they didn’t need to come with me.”

“The day I went back to get the results, they said it is actually skin cancer. You don’t think at 26 years of age that you’re going to be told it is cancer.”

After the plastic surgeon removed the lump, it quickly grew back again, so Kenneth had to have a deeper surgery to have it removed.

“It came back again and they had to dig deep down into the eye to get the root out.”

“At the moment it’s under review and it hasn’t grown back. The scar is still fairly fresh under my eye but it’s healed. I have to keep going back to get it checked but at the moment it’s all going well. But they can’t tell me I’m cancer free for five years.”

Kenneth, who runs Eclipse Stage School in Dublin, says he never suspected that he would get skin cancer because he was never used sunbeds or didn’t regularly lie in the sun.

"I've had some sun burn when on holidays which definitely added to the damage but I never realised Irish sun without protection, repeatedly on your skin can cause so much damage".

“I never did sunbeds or got repetitively burned.”

He advised: “If you’re going out without sun factor, the sun rays are damaging your skin without you even realising. Even in Ireland you have to be covered. I stay well away from it now and I make sure I put sun cream on even when it’s not that sunny.”

Kenneth’s stage school is releasing One Republic’s 'I Lived' tomorrow in aid of the Irish Cancer Society.

The single will be released for download and streaming on all digital platforms including iTunes, Spotify, Amazon and Google Play as well as the music video on YouTube.

Aslan's Christy Dignam and Joe Jewell dropped into rehearsals with the North Dublin based 80-piece vocal group this week to give the students (aged from 4 to 19) from across Dublin advice and mentor them on their road to releasing their debut single.

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