Saturday 18 August 2018

'I just decided to kick the s*** out of his car' - Ruth Fitzmaurice shares anecdote about how grief made her a 'mad angry woman'

Late Late Show viewers hugely impressed by author of 'I Found My Tribe'

Ruth Fitzmaurice on the Late Late Show
Ruth Fitzmaurice on the Late Late Show
Ruth Fitzmaurice on the Late Late Show
Aoife Kelly

Aoife Kelly

Irish author Ruth Fitzmaurice proved to be an inspiration for viewers of last night's Late Late Show.

Fitzmaurice, from Greystones, appeared on the RTE show to talk about her debut, I Found My Tribe, which she wrote about life after her husband Simon's diagnosis with motor neurone disease.

Speaking about how the grief of the diagnosis affected her life she said she was a "mad angry woman" for about a year.

"At a certain stage, the stages of grief, there's a certain really angry phase you go through, through the diagnosis.  There was a year there were I was a bit of a mad angry woman," she told host Ryan Tubridy before relating an anecdote about how this anger one day manifested itself.

"There was one particular incident with a guy in a car," she said.  "We were driving our big, silly Postman Pat wheelchair car really slowly because Simon obviously gets bumped around in the back.  A guy overtook us on a junction and beeped around a corner and I just saw red.

"I said, 'Hang on kids', drove up behind him - he had stopped at a red light - I turned off the car and said, 'Back in a minute guys, and they go, 'What are you doing?', and I just got out of the car and got up to the window and said, 'I'm driving slowly because my husband is in a wheelchair.'

"He pulled up the window.  I just saw red and said, 'You're a very rude man' and decided I'd kick the s**t out of his vcar.  It seemed like a really good idea.  The lights changed and he sped off and, perfectly, there was some guy on the footpath going [punches the air] 'Yeah!'"

There was huge reaction to Ruth's interview with viewers on social media who found her "a breath of fresh air" and an "inspiration".

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