Tuesday 24 April 2018

'I have times when stress or lifestyle gets in the way'

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Maud In Cahoots singer, Maud Reardon, has eliminated wheat from her diet
Maud In Cahoots singer, Maud Reardon, has eliminated wheat from her diet

Maud In Cahoots singer, Maud Reardon balances her life without structure by adding yoga, walking, cycling... and jelly babies, writes Edel Coffey

Do you consider yourself to have a healthy lifestyle?

Most of the time, yes. However, I do have times when stress or lifestyle gets in the way and I binge unhealthily, mostly on jelly babies!

Do you exercise regularly?

I try to do yoga regularly. Ashtanga, or when I really want to get in shape, I go to Bikram hot yoga. I also cycle or walk pretty much everywhere I go.

Do you do it willingly or begrudgingly?

I really enjoy yoga and, when I'm in a routine of going regularly, I find it very meditative. I reluctantly go to the gym to do some weight training but can never stay longer than 30 minutes there!

What time do you go to bed?

I try to be asleep by 11.30pm most nights.

What time do you get up in the morning?

I would like to say I'm very early riser and get up at 7am but it's usually around 8.30am.

What do you have for breakfast?

They say start off the day well with good wholesome food so usually I have porridge or fruit with yoghurt and tea. I'm a complete tea addict.


My days are not usually very structured so often I miss or skip lunch but if I do have time my preference would be to have sushi or salad or oatcakes with hummus and raw veg.


I like to cook big pots of food to share - pasta dishes, curries, stews. In the summertime, I eat a lot of salad.

Any snacks?

Oatcakes and almond butter with banana. Really good energy booster.

Do you take any supplements?

Complete B vitamin, turmeric, evening primrose, zinc and vitamin D in the winter.

How much water do you drink?

I try to drink a two-litre bottle every day.

Do you have a skincare routine?

Cleanse, tone and moisturise morning and night. I have sensitive skin so try to use natural products to avoid irritation and I wear SPF on my face every day.

Any allergies?

No allergies, but I have found that I'm intolerant to wheat. Recently, I have started to eliminate it from my diet and I feel so much better for it.

Any vices?

A good Prosecco and good jelly babies!

If I could change one thing about my lifestyle it would be ...

Life is short, so I think to wake up earlier in the morning and have a longer day.


Maud Reardon is part of Irish alt-pop music band Maud in Cahoots, who will stage two shows at Tiger Dublin Fringe 2014: one on September 19 @ Smock Alley Theatre and The Well Rested Terrorist (September 9-13 @ Peacock Theatre). See www.fringefest.com.

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