Wednesday 18 September 2019

'I feel better in myself' - Grandmother loses four stone in five months for the sake of her three-year-old grandson

Christine Farrell shared her weight loss journey
Christine Farrell shared her weight loss journey
Christine Farrell from Dublin says she wants to be healthy for her grandson.
Christine Farrell
Geraldine Gittens

Geraldine Gittens

A Dublin grandmother has lost four stone in five months after deciding she needed to get fit to be able to play with her grandchild.

Christine Farrell (49) says she knew she needed to lose weight when she couldn’t play under the table with her three-year-old grandson AJ.

“He has loads of energy. I’m under the table now with him. I was conscious as well when he was eating, I didn’t want to give him bad foods, I didn’t want him to end up like this, I don’t want anyone to end up like I was,” Christine told

“I was getting out of control, I was eating more rubbish, and I was getting bigger. I was really down in myself, and I was binging on bad food, chocolate, crisps, McDonalds. I’d have no problem having McDonalds the whole weekend, if I was out drinking, I’d want a McDonald’s and I’d probably have ice cream as well, and during the week as well.”

On October 1, weighing 18 stone 11 pounds, Christine cut out junk food for good and joined a fitness class in Coolock, Dublin.

“I never had breakfast before,” Christine said. “Now I have a breakfast, a lunch and a dinner, and two snacks during the day. I eat much healthier foods now.”

Christine Farrell
Christine Farrell

“Today in work, I had breakfast in club Ideal Results in Coolock, I had a snack of a pear earlier on. I had a chicken salad for lunch, and green beans and salmon for dinner.”

In all, Christine eats five time a day. She admits that she has come a long way since the day she walked into the club and couldn't look at the weighing scales.

“I actually didn’t realise how heavy I was until I walked in, I didn’t know I was that size. But I didn’t look at the scales, I didn’t want to know. Now it’s OK for me to look at the scales, I go in now every morning and I’ll look and be hoping that it’ll be going down.”

Christine’s target is to achieve a healthy weight before her holidays in June. Looking back, she says her bad habits began to develop during her teenage years.

“I was a normal child. I wouldn’t have been big as a child but as I went into my teenage years, I got bigger. The past couple of years I put on loads of weight.”

“I would have curries and I’d go into the shop and buy cakes as well, mainly apple lattices.”

She added: “It was bad habit, I suffered with pains in my legs as well and that was stopping me from walking and I was limited to doing stuff. I’m more fitter now.”

“I’d say a lot of the pain was related to my weight. Since I’ve lost some weight, it’s a lot easier. I try and get a bit of walking in. I get as much as I can in now.”

“I’m more fit, I’m up and more bubbly and outgoing. I feel better in myself. My clothes feel better.”

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