Monday 20 November 2017

Hungover? This has been been declared the most popular cure

The fry-up. Stock photo: Joerg Beuge

Sasha Brady

Feeling a little bit delicate from the previous night's antics?

It can be hard to muster the strength to get out of bed when it feels as though there are roadworks being carried out inside your skull.

We've all been there after a night of self-sabotage but where do we turn to for the cure?

A recent study, involving 1000 adults in the UK, found that a fifth of people turn to a fry up as the ultimate hangover cure.

The fry-up. Stock photo: Joerg Beuge
The fry-up. Stock photo: Joerg Beuge

That's not to say it's good for you, it's just the common choice among the bleary-eyed when the pain kicks in post-session.

Painkillers and plenty of water came in second and third place, followed by naps, fizzy drinks, a long shower, coffee, exercise and Netflix marathons.

The survey, carried out by Booze Up, saw that six per cent of people thought the only way to cure a hangover was through the 'hair of the dog' - i.e. more alcohol.

We're surprised tea didn't make the cut, sure don't we all know that tea makes everything better.

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