Friday 23 March 2018

Huffing, puffing and running out of steam on Friday 13th

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Aishling Jordan enters her second lap at the Fit Series 10k in the Phoenix Park in May. Photo: El Keegan
Aishling Jordan enters her second lap at the Fit Series 10k in the Phoenix Park in May. Photo: El Keegan

Yvonne Hogan

As I write, it is Friday the 13th I and am three-quarters of the way through my training for week three. The first two runs went well enough – two one-and-a-half minute run and walk combos sandwiching two 2.5 min run/walks.

This morning, though, I struggled. The programme was two-minute run, two-minute walks with two three-minute intervals in the middle.

The first three-minute run was tough, but I did it. The second, I had to stop halfway through to take a breath. It was only for a second, literally, but it is still a fail.

I continued, driven solely by the pressure of writing this column. I was in bits. I could hear myself breathing over the music blaring in my ears.

The inhale sounded like a seal, the exhale was a cry for help. My legs felt like lead.

I checked my phone to see how much time I had left to run. Over a minute. Every second was tough. But I made it to the end. After the three-minute walk, I had just about recovered to do the last two-minute run.

According to my programme, my next session is two three-minute runs either side of two four-minute runs.

I think I will need to re-do this morning's instructions once more before I move on to that. So I will forgo the weights session I had planned for tomorrow, Saturday, in favour of repeating this morning's session. Hopefully, I will be able to complete the runs on Sunday and move on with the App.

On the plus side, I was much better with my nutrition and my sleep. I cooked up a storm last Sunday and made enough lunches and dinners to take me through most of the week. Beef burgers or salmon and salad for dinner, and chicken breast and salad for lunch. I also had snacks – nuts or an apple, between meals.

Annoyingly, I haven't lost a pound of weight. I need the weight training for that, but I don't see how I will fit it in and get through the couch to five-kilometre steps.

Next week, I will train four times – Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and Sunday. Tue: three-minute run/two- minute walk x 1; 3r + 2w x 1; 5r and 3w x 2; 3r +2w x1. Thursday: 3r + 2w x 1; 5r + 2w x 2: 3r + 2w x 1: Friday 5r + 3w x 1; 6r + 3w x 1; 5r. Sunday 5r + 3w x 1; 8r + 5w x 1; 5r x 1.


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