Tuesday 24 October 2017

How to weather the health storm

Insulate your house and use tinfoil behind a radiator to reflect heat
Insulate your house and use tinfoil behind a radiator to reflect heat

Chilly weather can increase health risks by causing a rise in blood pressure and a weakened immune system.

Tips on keeping warm include:

* invest in modern fabrics. That old favourite jumper may feel and look great, but it will have lost its warmth after many washes. Modern thermal vests and undergarments really do have extra properties to keep the warmth in. Layering clothes as well can help;

* be aware of alcohol before going out in the cold. Alcohol can make you feel warm because it can cause blood vessels to expand, but this means heat can also be drawn away from vital organs;

* think small insulation. Poorly-fitting outside doors and letter boxes, loft doors, wide keyholes, thin curtains - these should all be improved in a modern home. Insulated front doors and thermal insulated curtains can make a huge difference;

* use a room thermostat. It's very easy to gradually get cold after sitting down without realising it, to the point where your body temperature has really dropped;

* a hat alone won't do the trick. Think a hat for sure, but think gloves and thick socks too;

* tin foil is an excellent heat protector. Pop a layer down behind wall radiators to reflect heat back into the room;

* movement. Sitting still is the worst. Even if you are computer bound or watching tv - get up every hour.

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