Friday 20 July 2018

How piercings can ruin a smile

Biting down on the metal stud can crack a tooth
Biting down on the metal stud can crack a tooth

Tongue piercings may be trendy, but biting down on the metal stud can crack a tooth, health experts have warned.

Lip piercings pose a similar risk. And when metal rubs against the gums, it can cause gum damage that may lead to tooth loss.

The mouth is also a haven for bacteria, so piercings raise the risk of infections and sores, according to

It also warns that while opening bottle caps or plastic packaging with your teeth may be convenient, this is one habit that makes dentists cringe.

Using your teeth as tools can cause them to crack or chip. Instead, keep scissors and bottle openers handy.

It also advised to stick to white wine to spare your teeth. But the acids still weaken the enamel, leaving the teeth porous and vulnerable to staining from other beverages, such as coffee.

Swishing with water after drinking or using toothpaste with a mild whitening agent can fight the staining effects of red and white wines.

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