Monday 18 November 2019

How I stay fit: Lisa Cannon

Lisa Cannon
Lisa Cannon

Caroline Foran

Refreshingly, not everyone who exercises adores it. Enter TV3 presenter Lisa Cannon, for whom working out is necessary but hardly one of life's joys.

"I'm like most people in that I wouldn't be jumping up and down at the prospect of exercising every day but I know I'll feel the better for it when I'm done. For me, I like the results and the feeling of satisfaction, but like most people, I can very easily fall off the wagon." Lisa continues, "I'm definitely more the type who needs to really push themselves to do it. I'm human."

A few years back, Lisa produced a documentary about powerlifting. "I brought weight-lifting for Irish women to the fore with that but while I enjoyed the process, and I lost a lot of weight, the longevity of doing that at that level just wouldn't be sustainable for most people."

"Unfortunately, I'm not built like a greyhound. I do have to stay on top of it," she notes. Championing the "don't be perfect, be real" ethos, Lisa is currently the Irish face of Weight Watchers. With Oprah as the American equivalent, she's in good company.

"I'm not perfect, but I'm healthy. I allow myself to have little treats but I'm mindful about diet and exercise." Fitness wise, she trains with Mark O'Dwyer, who puts her through her paces on Movement by MoD.

"We're talking everything from a move called The Prowler (where you push an iron weights machine along on the grass) to weights to cardio to lunges and squats - even some work on the barre - and gymnastics. It's a good multi-functional exercise routine."

When it comes to movement that she enjoys, Lisa turns to walking, which is a great boost to her state of mind. She is aware of the importance of exercise to mood and emotiona health.

"It's brilliant for mental health but I think, for that, it helps if you look forward to it, such as a brisk walk on the pier and a good natter with your friends, finished off with a coffee somewhere."

Lisa's top 3 fitness tips

1 Always have a chat with yourself if you're feeling unmotivated; for me it's all about getting yourself into the mindset in advance.

2 For women, don't under-estimate the importance of a good support system, and by that I mean the right bra; it makes the world of difference.

3 Do your own thing, keep to yourself - what works for you - and avoid comparing yourself to fitness fanatics.

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