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Six tips to stay on track with healthy eating in the workplace, according to Roz Purcell

Model and blogger Roz Purcell Photo: David Conachy
Model and blogger Roz Purcell Photo: David Conachy
"Never eat your lunch at your desk," says Roz Purcell.

Patricia Murphy

Cook book author Roz Purcell said she can empathise with office workers as she finds it difficult to keep on track with healthy eating in her own work environment.

The model, who is currently working on her second cook book, regularly shares an office space with other women and says it can be tricky to avoid temptations and stay on plan.

"I have such a huge empathy for people who work in offices because I work in an office now and again with the girls. When you’re around other people who might not have the same mindset as you towards food, it can be really hard to have really strong willpower.

"It’s about achieving that balance and knowing that you’ll feel better for it."

Purcell (26) was speaking at INM event series Ireland's Fittest Company, and offered her advice when if comes to staying on plan and bypassing the usual office downfalls.


Six tips to stay healthy in the office environment

BYOB (Bring your own breakfast)

"You need to have a very good breakfast," says Roz.

"You’re going to be sitting at your desk all day and you’re going to be doing a lot of high intensity and stressful work and eating your breakfast has been proven to improve your concentration, help with your stress levels and improve your mood. Always make sure you prep your breakfast, BYOB.


Leave your desk

"Never eat your lunch at your desk.

"I always try to push people. You have to be quite mindful when you’re eating, so taking your lunch box and going outside or sitting in an open space and have your lunch in peace. Separate it from your work environment."

"Never eat your lunch at your desk," says Roz Purcell.

Meal prep is unavoidable

"Unfortunately, there is no easy way around this. You have to dedicate some time to meal prep. I do the majority of it at the weekend, it’s when we have our free time.  Having that little gap, all it takes me now is 10 minutes a day, you can get it down to a fine art."


Double and triple

"When you’re making a meal at the weekend or in general, make double, make triple and use that for lunches for the rest of the week."

Roz Purcell and her dog Wilko

Stay hydrated

"Make sure you drink lots of water. A lot of the time we get confused between being hungry and thirsty. A lot of the time at about 4pm we get this really bad slump and get really lethargic. A lot of the time it’s because we’re not hydrated enough."

Roz Purcell

Just learn to say 'No'

Roz says: "Working in an office environment, it can be tough to stay healthy. You’re not at home, you’re not in control. You have all these other people around you causing a serious amount of temptation. Whether that’s John who comes up to your desk at 3pm who has had two biscuits so he wants to make himself feel better so he asks you do you want some.

"You have to be very strong and have very good willpower.

"I think we just have to learn to say 'No'. When your colleague comes up to you and goes, 'Oh leave your tubberware and let’s go out for lunch', say, 'No'

"When he comes over and asks you if you want a biscuit, just say 'No'.

"Sometimes it’s more of a waste in you than it is in the bin," said Roz.

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