Monday 21 May 2018

Siobhan Byrne: Enjoy a break to break your bad habits

Maintaining your healthy-eating plan on holidays can be easier than you think

Siobhan Byrne: Holidays can be an easy way to break bad habits
Siobhan Byrne: Holidays can be an easy way to break bad habits
Plank jacks 1
Plank jacks 2
Crunch reach 1
Crunch reach 2
Curtsey lunge and kick 1
Curtsey lunge and kick 2
Curtsey lunge and kick 3
Side plank

Siobhan Byrne

Over the next three weeks I am going to convince you that losing weight, getting fit and breaking bad habits while on holidays can be easier than you think. Holidays may be a time for relaxing, but they can also be the easiest way to break bad habits, start better ones, and enjoy some really great food, while leaving you feeling leaner and with more energy than ever before.

For most people, coming back from holidays and stepping on the scales can be a dreaded experience but there is no need for it to be that way.

Firstly, let's debunk a myth about how much body fat you can put on. It is only possible to put on or take off 2lbs of body fat per week - anything more or less than that is water weight, which can make you feel like you have put on far more weight than you think.

My first rule is to never weigh yourself as soon as you come back from holidays and allow three days for your body to regulate itself from the flying and the heat to get a true reading of where you are at.


Next up, the flight. Flying alone can make you store water but adding alcohol into the mix can dehydrate the body, making it hold onto more water. Instead, avoid the alcohol and sip on water throughout the flight.

How heat affects your body

Hot temperatures and humidity can affect your body, especially if you are not used to the heat.

You can feel tired and more lethargic and be unable to do your regular workouts, even hill walks or average paced runs can seem more taxing on the body.

Next week: what foods to avoid while on holiday

Do each exercise 12 times before moving on to the next one. When you have completed each exercise, that is one set. Catch your breath before moving on to the next set, and do three to four sets, three to four times a week

Holiday fitness #1

Curtsy Lunge and kick

1/ Start by standing upright with your feet hip-width apart.

2/ Step behind and across into a curtsy, lowering your body down towards the ground.

3/ Push off the front foot back to the start position and then kick the leg straight out to the side. Complete all reps on one side first.

Crunch Reach

1/ Start by lying on your back with your knees bent, feet flat and your hands on your thighs.

2/ Then lift your head and shoulders off the floor and slide your hands up to your knees. Keep your feet flat throughout. Lower your head, shoulders and hands, and repeat this movement.

Plank jacks

1/ Start on your toes and hands with your arms straight, back flat and your feet together.

2/ Then jump your feet out to the sides without moving hand position. Immediately jump back to the middle and repeat. Keep your back flat throughout.

Side plank

Support your body by leaning on your side, on your elbow and on the side of your foot, with the opposite foot sitting on top. Keep your body straight and hold that position. Try to hold the position for at least 15-20 seconds while keeping your form perfect.

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