Tuesday 15 October 2019

Nutrition guide: Week 1

Dietitian Orla Walsh
Dietitian Orla Walsh

Orla Walsh

You can't out train a bad diet. Your body reflects what you do. If you continuously eat poor quality food, your body will reflect this and not the few hours you've spent working out each week.

To look and be leaner, fitter and stronger, a nutrient-rich diet is central to achieving your desired results. What you eat can also enhance your performance and maximise the results you'll get from the exercise programme Siobhan has set out.

The first step is to optimise the nutrients your body receives. The wholefood approach is a great start. This simple adjustment to the foods you choose to eat can provide meaningful results. Wholefoods are in their natural state with no salt, fat or sugar added and none of the foods' natural nutrients removed. Therefore, wholefoods are foods of one ingredient, untouched and unprocessed. For example, a potato, chicken breast, fillet of cod or crab. Ask yourself, did it once grow, walk, swim or crawl?

The wholefood approach will increase the quality of the nutrients you provide for your body. Research suggests that individual nutrients within the food can be more powerful when delivered among the natural nutrient matrix of the food its naturally found within. For example, calcium delivered in milk has a greater impact on bone mineral density than calcium from a supplement.

To lose weight you need to eat less food than it takes to fuel your body, which is measured by calories. Changing to a wholefood approach will naturally help you to eat less as wholefoods tend to be more filling because they are often crunchier, higher in fibre or a source of protein. When your daily diet is boosted with more fibre and healthy proteins, you'll feel fuller sooner and for longer.


Trade this:

Apple juice


High sugar, low fibre breakfast cereal


Flavoured yoghurt

Crackers with peanut butter

Breaded chicken

Battered cod



White rice

For this:





Natural yoghurt

Banana with peanut butter

Chicken breast




Brown rice

Instead of...

Breakfast: Breakfast cereal with milk

Lunch: Shop bought sandwich

Dinner: Ready meal

Have this...

Breakfast: Porridge made from oats, milk, nuts and fruit

Lunch: Green salad with chicken breast and new potatoes

Dinner: Quinoa, Mediterranean vegetables and fish fillet

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