Thursday 18 January 2018

My gym training has given me 'side boobs' before my wedding

Working out. (Picture posed)
Working out. (Picture posed)

Karl Henry

I'VE been going to the gym for nine months, to tone up for my wedding, which is now two weeks away. I hadn't lost any weight, gained some actually, due to muscle gain. My aim was to get rid of the 'side boobs' that had appeared since I first started going to the gym. I eat healthily - meat, salads and dried fruit for treats. Why have these soft bits appeared?How can I get rid of them in two weeks?

Karl  Henry replies: LET'S take a look at your food first, it looks pretty good. I would certainly recommend dropping the dried fruit as it's high in sugar; replace it with nuts and seeds, etc, as these will be much healthier.

Also, check you are getting some protein in each meal too. Your water intake should be above two litres per day, with some diced lemon or lime in it.

In terms of training, it's hard to say with such little information, but you need to look at what type of training you are doing. Strength training is in fashion and can over develop the arms/shoulders, gaining muscle and definition in those areas. You may be able to lift more weight but if it's not what you wanted to do then it's not much good as your clothes/dress is tighter. You need to change programmes and maybe even the gym, as the gym's ethos may not be in line with what results you are looking for. You need to tone/shape the upper body to be more lithe and less bulky, but that takes time or lots of expertise to do it in two weeks.

I recommend one hour of hard cardio intervals before breakfast on an empty stomach, then keep your food as is during the day. This should help but it is hard to know without more information.

Your question is something I am seeing more of, given the popularity of strength training.

Working out is causing me to bulk up instead of losing weight

I'VE been going to Pilates twice and kettlebells once (weight 5kg) each week for the past three months and I feel I'm getting bulky-looking rather than lean. I have about two stone to lose and I expected more of a weight-loss after three months. I'm feeling disheartened.

Karl  Henry replies:  DEPENDING on your body type, kettle bells may not be the best type of resistance training for you, particularly in terms of upper body development, though you aren't using a very heavy kettle bell which is a good thing.

If you find you are getting bulkier on your upper arms, shoulders and the muscles between your shoulders, I recommend switching to another form of resistance training and add some cardiovascular work, such as intervals.

Your pilates will be great for shaping the body and ensuring you are flexible, so I would keep that as is. In terms of resistance training, a good gym routine will be a better option or, if you haven't got access to a gym, change to a bootcamp type of class.

You also need to look at your diet as your food is at least 60 per cent of your results. All the training in the world won't make any difference if your food isn't good. Aim to have protein with each meal, plenty of good fats and reduce sugars in your diet and you should see results quite quickly.

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