Wednesday 22 November 2017

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Karl Henry
Karl Henry
Quinoa is a fantastic source of protein deliver amazing fruit baskets

Karl Henry

The children have gone back to school and now you are focusing on yourself again. You want to get fit and you have decided on how you are going to do it.

I love seeing people get fit, and no matter what type of method you choose, doing whatever exercise you enjoy is the best way, as it means you will keep it up in the long run.

There is one key tool that you should be using whatever you are doing, though, and that's measuring. A tape measure costs around €1.80 and is the single most important tool you have to keep yourself motivated and focused, and ensure that you are getting the most from your training schedule. For most people, weight-loss is one of the reasons you train.

And while it is important, your inches are even more so. You can see exactly what is happening to your body. Your inches should be going down, not up, unless that is what you are training towards.

Ideally, measure once a week or every two weeks, and if you're not seeing changes, you need to change your workout.

Special delivery

Tired of ordering chocolates and flowers as corporate gifts? Check out who deliver amazing fruit baskets. They also deliver organic fruit and vegetables and all manner of raw foods and superfoods directly to your door.

Super healthy and super handy.

Make one change

Did you know the average human eats 80kg of meat each year? I weigh 82kg, so that's basically a person each year. Protein is good for you, but doesn't have to be from a meat source, so this week make one change and make lentils or quinoa - both fantastic sources of protein - the mainstay on your plate. 


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