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Monday 19 March 2018

How many miles does it take to walk off one large pizza and other snacks?

Eilish O'Regan

Eilish O'Regan

It's the latest healthy eating tip that is best not mentioned to Health Minister Leo Varadkar in case he gets more ideas.

The Minister has already announced new laws where restaurant menus must present how many calories are in each dish.

But even more effective may be telling us how many miles we will have to walk to burn off that piece of cake or burger.

Researchers from the University of North Carolina found notices with calorie content, plus the foot mileage needed to walk off the fast food, led to the best choices in a group of over 800 mostly female, middle-aged volunteers.

So here is the bad news about how long we need to walk to burn off some of our favourites.

A burger - 2.6 miles

Good slice of fruit cake with icing - 3.1miles

Handful of salted peanuts - 3 miles

A wrapped chocolate - 0.6 miles

Cocktail sausage - 0.4 miles

Small chunk of brie cheese - 1.3 miles

Ten tortilla chips - 1.5 miles

Breadstick - 0.3 miles

Large pizza (930 cals) - 6.2 miles

Apple - 0.3 miles

Big Mac 9.5 miles

Mince pie - 2.9 miles

Doughnut with pink icing - 3 miles

How quickly a person burns off calories depends on age, weight and how vigorous their step is. The good news is that heavier people get more bang for their stride and expend for energy for their efforts. Pace of walking is important - try for four miles an hour, depending on age.

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