Sunday 15 September 2019

Free-sugar tests online

How much sugar is in your fizzy drink?
How much sugar is in your fizzy drink?

Are you consuming too much sugar? You can now take an online quiz and find out at Diabetes Ireland has launched the online 'Sugar Smart' initiative with information aimed at equipping people with the knowledge to make better food choices and help them lower their daily sugar consumption.

Pauline Dunne, the organisation's senior dietitian, said: "Our intakes of sugar have increased dramatically over the last 10 years and where fizzy drinks and sweet foods are the obvious culprits, many people are not aware of other foods which also contain large amounts of free sugars.

"Free sugars have been classified as simple sugars added to foods by the manufacturer or consumer, plus sugars are naturally present in honey, syrups and fruit juices.

"The WHO (World Health Organization) recently published guidelines on sugar intake for adults and children, stressing the need to reduce our daily intake of free sugars to less than 10pc of our daily intake. High intakes of free sugars are associated with type 2 diabetes, dental decay, obesity and increase the risk of coronary heart disease (CHD) and cancers."

Ms Dunne said: "We are not telling people to make huge changes that they cannot sustain over a long period. Instead, we are asking them to make 'small changes' by simply thinking before they purchase."

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