Monday 20 November 2017

Can Lidl's €39.99 alternative measure up to the Nutribullet?

Does Lidl's Nutrition Mixer compete with the Nutribullet for our convert?

Pictured: The Nutribullet (left), Lidl's Nutrition Mixer (right) €39.99
Pictured: The Nutribullet (left), Lidl's Nutrition Mixer (right) €39.99
Pictured: The Nutribullet (left), Lidl's Nutrition Mixer (right) €39.99
Cathal McMahon

Cathal McMahon

I've never been one to follow food fads.

So when someone handed me a plastic cup filled with a green fluid last summer that looked like it had been scooped out of the Royal Canal, I was more than a little skeptical.

The Nutrition mixer retails for €39.99 and is in stores on January 5
The Nutrition mixer retails for €39.99 and is in stores on January 5

More than six months have passed and I am now a fully converted Nutribullet disciple.

The Nutribullet burst onto the scene in late 2014 and has acquired a loyal fanbase built up of fitness fanatics and wannabe healthy eaters like me. The blender has revolutionised juicing with its superfast motor and specialised blades converting vegetables, fruits and nuts into a juice in seconds.

I'm not an extreme dieter, but I do like the idea of getting a lot of good stuff into me easily and relatively painlessly each morning.

As the product has grown in popularity over the last two and a half years, but despite its cult status, not everyone is a fan of its €80+ price. So I jumped at the chance to try Lidl's new version - a 'Nutrition Mixer' - which retails for €39.99.

The Nutribullet retails for €80+ in Ireland
The Nutribullet retails for €80+ in Ireland

First impressions

The design, although a bit clunkier, is broadly similar to the Nutribullet. Its plastic finish makes it look and feel slightly cheaper, but considering it is half the price of the original, it's not exactly surprising.

It comes with a large and small cup, several lids and nutrition mixer recipes to get your started. Admittedly, the latter is pretty scant and looks like it was printed in the Lidl office photocopier moments before the blender was boxed up.

How it works

For a very basic test I shoved my usual combo in the mixer - green vegetables, fruit, nuts and seeds.

The Nutrition Mixer is a 700w while the Nutribullet is just 600w, nevertheless my experience was that it took slightly longer for the Lidl product to blend my mix.

This may be nit-picking and is a small price to pay... for er... a smaller price.

How it compares

The Nutrition Mixer does the job efficiently, but I've only been using this new product for a week. I've been using my Nutribullet every day for the last year and there's no discernible difference in its performance and the quality of its output.

I have to wonder if we will be able to say that about the Lidl version during the same amount of it.

Nevertheless, I was really impressed by it and would definitely recommend it to someone who may be interested in trying out a juicer for the first time.

It's cheap, it's cheerful and a worthy investment to get you started on your January health kick.

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