Saturday 21 September 2019

#13weekstil30: Vicki Notaro faces new obstacles with some surprise news

Vicki Notaro's last-ditch efforts to slim down before her 30th birthday
Vicki Notaro's last-ditch efforts to slim down before her 30th birthday

Vicki Notaro

Week five of Vicki Notaro's plan to shed the pounds ahead of her milestone 30th birthday.

You know that quote, the best laid schemes of mice and men often go awry? Well, that’s very apt for me this week. I’d been intent on being incredibly well behaved; a migraine on Monday meant I was out of action for a couple of days, but I was due to be weighed and thus was determined to eat really well, skip taxis and walk everywhere and hit the gym as much as possible.

But my plans were thwarted – for the most lovely reason ever.

On Friday night, my boyfriend Joe proposed. Suddenly my weekend of laying low became a weekend of celebrating our engagement with friends and family.

Vicki Notaro poses with fiance Joe
Vicki Notaro poses with fiance Joe

As soon as he popped the question, I was whisked off to one of our favourite restaurants, a carb-tastic Italian, and was downing Prosecco like there was no tomorrow. A girl only gets engaged once in her life (I hope!), so I didn’t really give it a second thought.

On Saturday night though, panic hit. It had been another day of Prosecco and poor eating and celebratory brunch dinner invitations and engagement party planning. I realised our incredibly happy news seriously had the power to thwart this entire endeavour, and started to freak out.

A close-up of Vicki's new bling
A close-up of Vicki's new bling

Then I realised how silly I was being; worrying about my body shape and losing weight when I should be focussing on the absolute bliss of the occasion. Still, a nasty little devil on my shoulder was telling me I was using the engagement as an excuse to throw caution to the wind, and I’d end up disappointing myself and others by not achieving my goals.

Eventually though, I calmed down. The only way to cope with the unexpected partying is to remain consistent with my gym routine. So I went to One Escape ( both Saturday and Sunday, despite the Prosecco consumption and fears about damaging my rock!

I lifted heavier weights than ever, managed to do exercises that previously felt really challenging, and noticed just how much I’m shaping up – usually I’m pretty self-conscious in my tight lycra gym gear, but yesterday it was obvious that my arms, shoulders, chest and thighs are becoming more defined.

I have a little paunchy stomach still, but that’ll be the Prosecco, chips and desserts. I’m starting to really enjoy the release I feel from working out and working up a sweat, and I don’t want to forget that feeling.

Vicki and Joe celebrate their engagement
Vicki and Joe celebrate their engagement

However, paunch and all, another great thing happened this weekend - I bought and fit in to size 10 jeans! While out to brunch on Sunday, I felt a draft around my thigh and realised my well washed pleather leggings had split at the inner seam.

Initially upset, I thought my weekend of excess meant I was bursting out of my trousers, my thighs expanding in protest. But when I went to buy an emergency replacement pair of jeans in River Island, my usual size 12 in their Molly style was a bit roomy! Lo and behold, I fit neatly in to the next size down, and trotted off to dinner delighted with myself.

Now the initial weekend of celebrating is over, I’m absolutely wrecked. But I’ll be right back in the gym tomorrow, and right back on the healthy eating today. Onwards and upwards!

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