Sunday 25 February 2018

#13weekstil30: 'I was dreading the thoughts of wedding dress shopping but I feel like something has shifted'

Vicki Notaro is on a mission to get slim ahead of her 30th birthday
Vicki Notaro is on a mission to get slim ahead of her 30th birthday
Vicki Notaro

Vicki Notaro

Vicki Notaro prepares for her final week on her fitness mission ahead of her thirtieth birthday.

As this my last update on home soil before I head to the States for my 30th birthday (and enter a whole new world of temptation), I’ve been trying to keep my diet and exercise on point.

For the most point I succeeded, but this week I undertook a mission that would make even the most saintly woman crave a drink – I went wedding dress shopping for the first time.

I’ve never been the type of woman that coos over wedding gown. In fact, I’m not really in to weddings in general, and I’ve never imagined my big day or looking like a princess. I’ve actually been dreading the thoughts of dress shopping since Joe and I got engaged in November – so much so that I decided to make light of the terror I felt at the mere idea of trying on tight, white, strapless dresses. Knowing we were going to be in New York this month I booked an appointment at Kleinfeld’s, the show made famous by the TLC show Say Yes To The Dress. That way it would be fun, an experience for my friends and I, and less about the terrifying prospect of looking awful in the dresses.

"This is what’s keeping me going, the visible changes and feeling more slender in my tightest outfits."

However as the date of my appointment drew nearer (it actually coincides with my 30th birthday, would you believe), I started to panic. Kleinfeld’s is massive with lots and lots of choice, and New Yorkers are well known for not taking any crap. I decided that I should try on some dresses in Dublin to ease the pressure, and also so my mother and one of my best friends could come with me.

So last Friday was the day, and I was so nervous I couldn’t eat all morning. I was fretting that none of the dresses would go anywhere near me, that my arms and stomach would look dreadful and that I’d end up miserable. Thankfully, that wasn’t the case – three months ago, it would have been, but thanks to Mairead and the gang at One Escape (, I am in far better shape than I was and it showed in the gowns.

My upper body is far more toned than it was, and my back fat has been dramatically reduced. My hips and thighs are slimmer and my waist is neatly defined. Things aren’t perfect – I’ve a belly to lose and my arms need lots more work, but I’ve more than a year to go to the big day. Standing there in a tight mermaid style gown in pure white, I was so thankful I’d decided to get my ass in gear before the thoughts of weddings even entered my head. I actually found a couple of dresses that really suited me, so I’m going to Kleinfeld’s with a silhouette in mind and the knowledge that there are gowns in Dublin I can say yes to, no problem. And there’s nothing to keep a gal on the straight and narrow like the prospect of walking down the aisle.

But look, dress shopping is still stressful; at least that’s my excuse for indulging in Prosecco, pizza and chips afterwards. But the next morning I was in for a session with Mairead despite my hangover, and she didn’t allow me to slack off.

I feel like there’s been a shift this past week – my scales at home is unreliable at best but whenever I’ve stepped on it in recent weeks, it’s hovered just under the twelve stone mark (between 78 and 76.5kg). However twice this week when I hopped on before my shower, it was showing a weight of around 11 stone, 8lbs or 73.5kg. However I’ll wait and see what Mairead’s digital scales tells me this week before we head off.

I’ll be reporting next week from New York City, mere days before I turn the big 3-0. Follow me on Instagram, Snapchat or Twitter for updates from the US of A under the @vickinotaro

A salad Vicki had delivered from Pog on Bachelors Walk via Deliveroo
A salad Vicki had delivered from Pog on Bachelors Walk via Deliveroo
Homemade turkey burgers, Strong Roots frozen sweet potato oven fries and salad

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