Sunday 22 September 2019

13 weeks 'til 30: Will Copenhagen temptation interfere with Week 3 of Vicki's fitness mission?

Vicki Notaro

At the beginning of last week, I had a feeling it was going to be a bit of a rollercoaster so I decided to keep a daily diary to chronicle the highs and lows. It's been a testing few days, in more ways than one.


From where I sit (cos me legs are bolloxed)

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I'm looking forward to my first proper session with Mairead at One Escape ( She said she went easy on me last week because she didn't want to freak me out on my first day. At the time I laughed, presuming she was joking. She wasn't.

I'm already a bit sore from the weights routine I did on Sunday; I may have pushed myself a little because I was massively smug to even be training on the day of rest. So to say the session with Mairead is tough is an understatement. We do German Bodycomp, a lower body exercise followed by an upper body one with no break in between, for four rounds. When I saw the deadlift trap bar I knew I was in trouble. My body HATES them.

I struggled through the four rounds of deadlifts and seated rows, knowing I had a whole other set to complete (45 degree chest presses and hip thrusters) - and then Mairead added in core exercise Tabatas at the end (a swift but effective form of high intensity torture). I feel a bit high afterwards, but I'm sore right away - I know this won't be pretty.


Yep, I'm dead. Sore groin, sore neck, sore core, sore hips, sore bum, oddly bloated stomach (is my body reacting to all this healthy food badly?!) and FOUL humour. I'd planned to go to Bokwa tonight, but I'm barely able to walk. A bath in the early evening helps a little, but I'm feeling very sorry for myself, and am full of scorn about my earlier optimism. I'm also massively craving a Mars bar, but I resist. I know this will pass.


Feeling more able to move, I head to the gym to work out solo. I'm following a second German bodycomp programme Mairead has devised, and even though I try to push myself, I definitely don't feel I worked as hard on my own. I guess I respond well to trainers because I'm such a people pleaser.

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By the early evening, I'm feeling drained. I'm out with friends at a launch, but have to leave because I'm so exhausted - I'm not even interested in the free booze on offer, which is a first.


I feel a bit brighter today, but when my Bokwa class in Tallaght is cancelled I decide to take an unscheduled rest day. I have to listen to my body; I don't want to go in guns blazing and end up sick or injured. It's more of an adjustment than I imagined. It wasn't this tough three years ago - my age and terrible lifestyle must have caught up with me.


We're off to Copenhagen! I meant to get in to the gym this morning but was frantic with work before we left. Instead I did a HIIT set in my kitchen.

I manage to resist my beloved Burger King, a place I always visit as a sort of airport ritual.

Vicki's low-card pizza at Neighbourhood Copenhagen
Vicki's low-card pizza at Neighbourhood Copenhagen
Vicki's holiday breakfast at Nimb Copenhagen.

I've pre-booked all our dinners in Copenhagen, and while I don't plan on being an angel (wine will pass my lips), I've chosen restaurants with plenty of healthy options, and booked bicycles as our mode of transport on Saturday.


Wow, it's tough to be well behaved here. Last night I had a pizza - but it was an organic pizza and actually said "low carb" on the menu. The cocktails sure weren't healthy though.

It's raining, so the bike plan goes out the window too. The hotel doesn't have a gym, and I feel a bit panicky about it all - but then I realise that this is what real life is like. There are going to be obstacles on my path to fitness, and I've experienced my fair share of them this week. I want to enjoy our trip without worrying constantly, so I decide to go a bit easier on myself. I'm far better behaved than I normally would be because I'm eating mindfully, but I'm allowing myself a little slack.

We visit a food market and I have some chips and some deliciously fresh tacos - let's just call it a cheat day.

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Vicki Notaro on her trip to Copenhagen
Vicki Notaro on her trip to Copenhagen
Vicki Notaro pictured in Copenhagen


All my hotel has on offer for breakfast (besides meat, cheese and yoghurt) is Danish pastries. I ask for eggs and I'm told their in a basket on the buffet. Confused, I ask how I'm meant to cook them and the waitress looks at me like I'm crazy - they're already hard boiled. A fitting end to a mental week.

Breakfast @nimbcopenhagen was a revelation

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Another week down, and I feel like I've made little progress. I'm going Spinning on Tuesday, have another session with Mairead on Wednesday, Bokwa on Thursday and I'm getting measurements taken again at the weekend. I guess I'll just have to go back to being super strict with my diet to make up for this weekend, because I'll be so upset if there's no difference in the dreaded body fat percentage. Wish me luck!

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