Thursday 18 July 2019

Young woman shares how a bikini selfie saved her life after spotting a cancerous mole

Image: Cloejordan/Instagram
Image: Cloejordan/Instagram

Amy Mulvaney

A young woman has shared how a bikini selfie saved her life after spotting a cancerous mole.

After feeling like the mole on her stomach was "ruining" her bikini selfies, Cloe Jordan (21) went to her GP at the start of January to see if she could get it removed.

However, once Cloe, from Wolverhampton, England, went to see her doctor about the mole, she was referred to a specialist and told she had melanoma.

"I used to enjoy getting a tan on holiday but I haven’t been abroad more than once a year. It was last summer that I noticed my mole changing but I wasn’t concerned. It had gotten slightly bigger and darker in colour but it wasn’t an alarming change," she told The Sun.

"I only went to the doctors at the start of January as I didn’t like the look of it, I had no idea it could have killed me. I’m so lucky I went when I did, as although it has spread, it has now been removed from my stomach."

"The scar in the middle of my tummy is actually quite big as surgeons said the mole was deep into my skin as I’d had it for so many years."

In order to raise awareness about skin cancer, Cloe uploaded a photo of her scar to Instagram.

"Looking back at old pictures of my body. So distraught at what cancer has done to me. If I could turn back the clocks I would. This horrible disease has ruined my body and will be forever leaving a scar to remind me how important it is to look after yourself.

"I can't stress enough how much you need to look after your body guys!"

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