Monday 19 March 2018

Why is everyone talking about ‘Primal Living’

Freya Drohan

Freya Drohan

It seems that every other week there is a buzz about a new lifestyle craze. However, this latest one that has everyone talking is far from new.

In an age where there is access to a myriad of nutritional plans, diet advice and workout ideas online instantaneously, it is somewhat ironic that the lifestyle growing steadily in popularity is one that mimics our ancestors.

At this stage, there is probably very few people who haven’t heard of the paleolithic (paleo) diet. The idea is that you return to the way your ancestors ate, consuming only meat, seeds, nuts, fruit and vegetables. So while the paleo diet grew in popularity, so too did the idea of a more natural and rugged lifestyle to compliment it.

‘Primal Living’ refers to a return to caveman-era habits of eating, exercise and behaviour. One of the early advocates of this ancient way of living was Mark Sisson, whos pioneering blog is regarded as a bible for those who advocate a paleo diet.

Mark, a former elite endurance athlete, devised the ‘Primal Blueprint’ in 2008, promoting the importance of fresh, nutrient dense food, plenty of sleep, ethical behaviour and daily activity.


The idea is that all the elements of the plan will work in harmony to create a strong, lean, healthy body to work in tandem with a calm, balanced and sharp mind. Mark, above, believes that modern life has become overly and unnecessarily complicated and the only way for us to restore our inner peace and harmony is to reconnect with our roots.

What Mark encourages is to eat lots of animals and plants, move around at a slow pace, lift heavy things, run really fast, get lots of sleep, play and sunlight and avoid trauma.

Once you have the basics of the eating and exercising down pat, Mark implores the importance of the following five values - respect, balance, excellence, integrity and curiosity.

Another high profile advocate of this primal lifestyle is Russell Bateman, the founder of cult fitness movement The SBC - the Skinny B*tch Collective. Russell, who trains the likes of Laura Whitmore and some of the world’s leading models, has garnered international acclaim thanks to his no nonsense approach to health and exercise.


“The first thing you do in the morning should be to eat,” Russell says. “Forget jumping in the shower, cleaning your teeth or checking the Mail Online for pictures of a naked Kate Middleton sharing a Tesco’s burger with Justin Bieber taken by the Pope on a camera bought from HMV – get up and eat protein straight away.”

The straight-talking trainer has seen his brand grow thanks to social media platforms where he shares videos of his clients performing impressive and physically gruelling acts like bear crawls, explosive burpees and sumo deadlifts.

“The human body is magical,” he adds. “We were born to crawl, jump, push and pull. It's all about getting back to human and making these primal movements as challenging as possible to illicit the greatest fat loss and strength responses.”

And it doesn’t stop there, “Have loads of sex, jump, squat, or sprint,” he advises.


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