Saturday 7 December 2019

'Ugly' Irish men need better hygiene, claims dating agency

Time for a shower!
Time for a shower!

A Dublin matchmaking agency has said Irish men need to take better care of themselves after a dating website branded them the ugliest in the world, despite the likes of Michael Fassbender and Jamie Dornan.

Rena Maycock, who runs Intro, described the dubious honour as "unfair", but said she could "see where they're coming from".

Michael Fassbender
Michael Fassbender

"We find that because an awful lot of the available guys come from a farming or a trade background, they may not keep the best daily hygiene habits and not dress themselves very well," she told the Herald.

"Women don't say Irish men are unattractive, but they do often say that they don't look after themselves properly."

The comments come just days after new research suggested that Irish men are the world's ugliest.

Fewer than one in 10 single Irish males who applied to put their profiles on elitist site last year were accepted.

Analysis of last year's statistics found that Sweden is judged to be home to the planet's best-looking men, while Norway has the bragging rights to the world's hottest babes.

The LA-based site, which has a worldwide membership of more than five million, makes no apology for only accepting the globe's best-looking singles.

There is some small consolation for Irish men, who get to share last place in the handsome table with the UK and Poland.

Greg Hodge, who runs the site, said he believes Irish men could fare better if they made more effort with their profile pictures before applying.

"A topless selfie shot in a seedy room or an image of them at the pub, pint in hand, does not go down well with women. Men are not just selling themselves, they are selling a lifestyle," he said.

"A polished image showing an interesting lifestyle would greatly improve their acceptance rates."

Further analysis of the Irish statistics on revealed that applicants from Dublin, both male and female, had the highest acceptance rates on the site, while romance-hunters from Limerick were most likely to be rejected.


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