Two in five vow to get fit in New Year

Getting fit for the new year

Luke Byrne

Two in five people are aiming to get fit in the New Year and three quarters of people asked for workout gear for Christmas, a survey has found.

In the age of computer games and electronic gadgets, people are more than ever pledging to beat the sedentary life.

The New Year has traditionally been the favoured time for new resolutions and a survey of 2,500 people found that even before the Christmas holidays, 85pc had already decided what they would change for 2015.

The survey asked how many people has split their pants in the gym, with 8pc admitting that this had happened to them while 10pc admitted to a treadmill tumble.

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It also found that music was a must for working out at the gym with and that one in four four had a gym crush.

When questioned about a "gym idol," two names were outright winners, actress Jessica Alba and wrestler and actor Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson.

Technology has also changed the way that people train, with three out of four runners saying that they now track their runs using GPS devices, such as a phone app.

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The survey also asked how far each respondent thought that they could run with two in five claiming to be able to travel at least 5km and one in five saying at least 10km.

The survey was carried out by Irish sports chain Life Style Sports. It also found that 50pc of people were exercising at least three times a week.


This is the first running and fitness survey that we have conducted and it made for some fascinating reading.

"It's inspiring to see that people are running or working out at least three times a week, even during these cold winter months," Debbie Byrne, marketing manager, said.