Monday 21 October 2019

The healthy life: 15 Irish lifestyle and fitness accounts to follow this month

Freya Drohan

Thanks to online platforms such as Instagram, we have immediate access to a wealth of information on how to lead a healthier life.

Arguably, it has never been easier to seek out information from trusted and reputable professionals.

Mediums like Instagram and Tumblr allow us to pick up tips and tricks to enhance our lifestyles all at the click of a button, and it seems more accessible than ever to transform your health thanks to these sources of ongoing inspiration.

Here are some Irish lifestyle and fitness accounts on my insta-radar this month.

1. Foodflicker

A group of qualified nutritionists run this account, which is chock full of healthier takes on classic dishes such as ice cream sundaes, lasagne and seafood chowder. Follow for quick, easy and nutritious meal ideas and recipes.


Follow @foodflicker_official

2. Eathos

Have you ever thought healthy food was dull and boring? One look at Eathos Dublin's feed will prove that eating a natural, wholesome diet is more visually appealing than defaulting to a take away or fast food. Follow this newly opened eatery (on Baggot Street) for mouth-watering food inspiration.


Follow @eathosdublin

3. Nejia Bejaoui

I recently featured fitness instructor Nejia in a nutrition article, and ever since I have been obsessed with her healthy treats. From 'clean' snickers and bounty bars to peanut butter cups and banana bread, follow her for guilt-free baking recipes.


Follow @TotalTRX

4. Evolution Fitness

Finding motivation to work out isn't always easy - hey, if it was, we would all look like fitness models year round. Newly minted gym Evolution Fitness and it's associated personal training school The Fitness Institute is determined to make exercising as appearling as possible, and its Instagram account is full of motivational quotes and videos to boot (The proprietor also runs supplement mecca Bodyfirst so expect nutritional advice to boot). Follow for those days when you need the proverbial kick up the behind to get yourself to the gym.


Follow @Evolfitness2015

5. Super Health Foodie

Each and every colourful recipe Denise Houlihan posts on her page is brimming with vitamins, minerals, and phytonutrients. Better yet, it's all relatively simple to make using ingredients from the supermarket. Follow for ideas on how to super-charge your existing diet with an abundance of rainbow coloured produce.


Follow @SuperHealthFoodie

6. Recalibrated Bodies

Expert couple Amanda and Daniel have a wealth of experience between them, which they bring to the table when giving their client's lifestyles an overhaul. If you need help with your diet or are looking for a custom gym plan, their combined expertise has helped countless people regain control of their health. Follow them for on-the-money nutrition, hormone and fitness advice.


Follow @RecalibratedBodies

7. Sophie To Healthy

Do you know your oats from your proats and your zoats? Dietetics student Sophie has built up an impressive following thanks to her mantra of 'fuel right, lift heavy'. Follow her and you'll never have a boring bowl of oats again.

sto healthy.PNG

Follow @SToHealthy

8. Steve Doody

As one of the founders of Fairview training centre Fit Studios, Steve was one of the first people to bring TRX to Ireland. The 'muscle enthusiast' regularly posts awe-inspiring workout videos and dispels myths around fitness and nutrition (for example, are Quest bars really healthy?) Follow for ideas on how to use a kettlebell and bodyweight exercises to workout at home and for interesting tips.

steve doody.PNG

Follow @The_Fit_Coach

9. Gluten Free Fi

Eating a 'gluten free' diet has become something of a lifestyle trend in recent years, but being diagnosed as a coeliac really is life changing as you must cut out a huge amount of what the modern diet relies on as staples. Thanks to the likes of GF Fi, eating a diet free from gluten and wheat seems that bit more achievable as she shows there is still a massive wealth of foods to include. Follow her account whether you are in the same boat yourself, or you just want to reduce your intake of grains.

gluten free fi.PNG

Follow @GlutenFreeFi

10. Yumible - Anna & Gigi

This food page is ran by two Dublin girls - one who lives in the city and one who lives in New York. Aside from ideas on what to eat to fuel up before a workout and after to aid recovery, the girls (one of whom is a Pilates instructor) also show moves you can do at home with no equipment necessary. Follow for tips that you can easily incorporate into your everyday life.


Follow @Yumible

11. Sports Med Ireland

Based in Dublin, Sports Med Ireland is a strength and conditioning centre which specialises in rehabilitating injuries, enhancing fitness and physiotherapy. Whatever your predicament or ailment, their experts have a flawless track record (Bressie and Keith Barry are among the noted fans.) Follow and watch their videos to remind yourself how impressive the human body can be.

sports med ireland.PNG

Follow @Sports_Med_Ireland

12. Yvonne Kinahan

Maintaining a healthy and balanced diet for yourself is one thing, let alone ensuring the whole family eat the best possible food each and every day. Paleo-advocate Yvonne strives to do just that, all the while catering for her children's and her own food intollerances. Follow her for ideas on how to keep the whole family happy while eating a clean, nutritious diet.


Follow @YvonnesKitchenFamily

13. Steve and Dave Flynn

The Flynn twins' Happy Pear brand has gone from strength to strength in the last year, thanks to the success of their debut cook book, YouTube channel and food products now available in supermarkets nationwide. Follow them for ideas on how to make your diet more plant-based and closer to nature.

happy pear.PNG2.PNG

Follow @TheHappyPear

14. Stuart O'Keeffe

Up and coming chef Stuart O'Keeffe uses only the best ingredients for his mouth-watering dishes. Ok, his food isn't always too good for the waistline (we're looking at those Nutella French toast roll-ups) but there's plenty of nutritious meals amongst the smorgasboard of American-inspired comfort meals. Follow for ideas and tips this barbecue season.


Follow @ChefStuartOKeeffe

15. Nicola Halloran

Anyone who can come up with sin-free alternatives to cookies, brownies and banoffee pie gets a thumbs up from me. Enter Nicola Halloran, who is flat out experimenting on gluten free, dairy free, vegan and paleo recipes in her kitchen. She has also just completed a professional cookery course, so I can't wait to see what's next for this clean-cooking chef.


Follow @TheWonkySpatula

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