Sunday 17 November 2019

Taxpayer funded €3800 wedding of UK couple who are ‘too fat’ to work

Michelle and Stephen pictured on This Morning
Michelle and Stephen pictured on This Morning
31-stone Stephen pictured on This Morning after his controversial wedding.

Patricia Murphy

A super morbidly obese couple with a combined weight of 54 stone caused controversy after marrying in a €3800 (£3000) ceremony funded by the UK taxpayer.

Stephen Beer (45) and Michelle Coombe (43) claim £2000 ($2500) in disability allowance per month because they are too fat to find sustainable employment but married in a ceremony complete with a buffet from their favourite kebab shop and wedding outfits which were made to fit.

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Stephen, who weighs 31 stone, and his new wife 23-stone Michelle suffer from metabolic disease, a combination of diabetes, obesity and high blood pressure and claim prospective employers are prejudiced against obese people.

This is the fifth marriage for groom Stephen who also has a daily carer who aids him getting washed and dressed which costs the state €10200 (£8000) annually.

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Stephen who suffered a stroke in 2008 can not stand for long periods of time and was filmed getting out of breath just chopping vegetables.

The wedding came to an abrupt end when 31-stone Stephen took ill at the reception and was admitted to hospital.

The couple feature on a new Channel 5 documentary Benefits: Too Fat to Work as a crew film the pair in the throes of wedding planning.

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