Monday 11 December 2017

'Sometimes you're just in the mood, floating'

Me and my Bike: David McSavage

David McSavage
David McSavage

I started cycling when I was about six or seven, I think it was a golden Raleigh or something like that. I remember it. I was on the road and my dad was holding the saddle and for the first time I was cycling. It's a magical time.

Cycling is imposed on me because I can't drive. I don't have a driving licence so I cycle all the time.

I lived in Denmark about 20 years ago and everyone has a bike there. It's very flat so everyone cycles and they have bicycle lanes everywhere, not like in Ireland. We're good at imposing rules and taxes but we're not so great on infrastructure. That would require doing things. And there are controversial stretches of bicycle lane in Dublin too. There's that bit by Portobello where people go mad if you cycle down it - 'have you not seen the signs?'

I've had a few bicycles stolen, which is a pain. The last one was a really nice bike that I had customised. It had big fat smooth wheels, with front suspension for the really bad roads around Dublin. Some little scumbag cut the lock and stole it. Weirdly, he left the bicycle he had been on. Now, I cycle an old-fashioned bicycle. It's called a Dawes, a sit-up-and-beg bike. What's great about it is the demographic who steal bikes don't even look at it. And it's such a heavy bike that if there's any sort of incline at all it just rolls along.

I have a basket that clicks on and clicks off, so I click it off and go to Lidl and then click it back on, cycle home and cycle straight into the house and click the basket off with my shopping and it's just lovely and flowy.

I love weaving in and out of traffic, it's like a video game and you see these poor bastards stuck in their cars and you're just floating by them. Sometimes you're just in the mood, floating and having a great time, you're in the moment. It's more about mood than location for me.

I love cycling in the rain, it's very refreshing. We're 80pc moisture so it's just us falling out of the sky.

I never wear a helmet, I wouldn't be going fast enough. I've had some really good times on my bike.

David McSavage was in coversation with Edel Coffey

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