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Six-year-old girl gets firetruck escort to mark her last chemotherapy session



A six-year-old girl marked her milestone final chemotherapy session with the help of the community.

Little Finley Brown was being treated for a tumour on her kidney for the last 16 months and after meeting members of the Moraga Orinda Fire District in California, she fulfilled her dream of riding in a fire truck fittingly for her last treatment.

Firefighter Lucas Lambert to the local ABC News network:  "Finley...approached us with a lot of confidence and had no problem showing us her scars and explaining to us why she had no hair at the time."

Members of the team also organised a fundraiser for the brave child so she could visit Disney World in Florida.


Her father, Aaron Brown explained: It's like jumping off a cliff and you have no idea what's below you.

"She hasn't had any negativity despite everything that she's going through."

Also greeting her at UCSF Benioff Children's Hospital Oakland were a number of friends, family and fans who cheered her on with supportive signs.

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