Friday 23 March 2018

Six tips to gather the family and get active together this holiday season

Winter walking
Winter walking

David Gillick

There are many things that you can do as a family over Christmas, and there are lots of great ways to get the whole family active during the Christmas break.

Working out doesn’t have to be a gruelling chore that you do on your own — you can incorporate lots of exercise to do as a family, even with small children. The weather often plays a part in how much activity we do with children, but sometimes getting out there in the elements for a country walk is just as fun!

For those who don’t have children, there are still ways to make being active fun during the holiday season. Here are my top six tips:

1 Get out there

Whether it’s rain or shine, get the winter woollies on and get out there and enjoy whatever the Irish weather is throwing at us. Plan a fun and scenic route near to you to get the whole family out for a walk.

If your children received some outdoor gifts from Santa, such as bikes or rollerblades, use this time to get them out and test out all of their new toys.

2 Set a challenge

If you are a target-driven individual, set yourself a challenge every day, whether its making sure you get out for a walk or run, trying some new exercise, or even choosing to go a different route on your daily run. You’ll feel great about yourself once you achieve your goal.

3 Make it official

Take part in a local GOAL Mile. They take place all over the country, so there will be one happening near you. Its a great way to get moving on Christmas Day or St Stephen’s Day, and to raise much needed money for charity.

4 Family Tradition

Lots of families have their traditions, which are carried through the generations, but there is no reason why you can’t start developing a new one that is activity-based.

Pick something the whole family can do and get excited about — you can even incorporate dressing up in Christmas costumes to add a bit of fun, or maybe go for a Christmas swim. Check the ‘Get Ireland Active’ website for events in your area and get involved!

5 Treat yourself

Treat yourself this year to some new sports gear or new equipment to help boost your motivation.

6 Find a promotion

With the Christmas season being a relatively quiet time at gyms, keep an eye out for good promotions and offers. You might find a family deal for use of the swimming pool or an offer that will get you into the gym at a cheaper rate.


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