Monday 21 May 2018

'She's on 40 tablets a day' - Irish mum's plea to public to help save her cancer-stricken daughter

Shan Tynan
Shan Tynan
Shauntelle Tynan and her mum Leona

Patrick Kelleher

An Irish mum is pleading with the public to help save her cancer- stricken daughter.

Shauntelle Tynan (18), from Carlow, urgently needs to attend a specialist in Texas Children's Hospital to help her recover from the rare form of cancer she suffers, histiocytosis x.

Histiocytosis x affects the whole body and multiple organs and is an extremely painful and life-threatening condition.

However, the bill is going to be $527,000 (€473,000) as Shauntelle will be treated as an international patient.

Shauntelle Tynan and her mum Leona
Shauntelle Tynan and her mum Leona

The money will allow her to stay at the hospital for four months following treatment.

So far, campaigners have raised almost €8,000 - a long way off the target.

Shauntelle's mum, Leona, is pleading for help to save her daughter's life.

"I don't know how people cope with the loss of a child. We thought that she would have chemotherapy and she would be cured," she said.

"You put a lot of faith into the treatment, but to go through five protocols and not see any positive effect is very disheartening and it's very hard to get up and start a new treatment and have faith in it," she told the Herald.

"You do have to have faith or you don't have anything."

The family were recently on holiday in Santa Ponsa when Shauntelle's condition began to worsen.

"She started to have a lot of pain and discomfort, so we knew that something wasn't quite right," said Leona.

Since arriving home, Shauntelle has been in Beaumont Hospital going through another round of chemotherapy.

However, her doctor in Texas has warned that she needs further treatment if she is to come back from the illness.

"She's just tired and she's on a lot of different pain relief. They don't really want to bring that down at the moment because she's coping quite well on those medications.

"She's on in excess of 40 tablets a day. It's a lot for any young girl to take in," said Leona.

"Last week she was at an all-time low. I think it all kind of hit her, it was like a punch in the face that everything was going downhill. She realised that everybody was getting ready to go back to school and she should be going back into sixth year and she's not able to go back."

The huge medical expenses in Texas would cover oncology, gynaecology and gastroenterology and include hospital fees, physician charges, tests and treatment.

Leona said they are not going to give up without a fight.

"I can't allow her to continue feeling like this, getting worse and worse and not knowing what the future holds for her or if she has a future if we don't get this money," she said.

Those who want to make a donation to the cause can do so at


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