Monday 28 May 2018

'Operation Transformation has changed my life'

Louise Ormsby
Louise Ormsby
Louise Ormsby

Elaine McCahill

Dubliner Louise Ormsby said she can't believe how much her life has changed since taking part in Operation Transformation last year.

The Adamstown woman has lost two stone, quit her 20-year smoking habit and ran her first half-marathon before Christmas.

"Just over a year ago I couldn't run for the bus and I was heavy smoker, now I've quit the cigarettes and I love my running club," she told the Herald.

Louise applied to be on the show so she could drop the pounds and quit cigarettes in order to undergo fertility treatments.

Louise Orsmby from Dublin before Operation Transformation
Louise Orsmby from Dublin before Operation Transformation


It's still early days and Louise said she's in a much more positive place now.

"Before I was on Operation Transformation they wouldn't even consider me as a candidate for treatment, whereas now I'm eating well and keeping my fitness up which all helps," she said.

"I run twice a week with my local running club and I also go to classes at Fit Zone in Palmerstown and they really helped me to stay on track when the show ended.

"It's also a different social scene as well - sometimes I can't believe I'm out at a race on a Saturday morning," she added.

The new series kicked off last night and Louise (34) said she's excited to see it from the other side. "I can't wait to see who I identify with and I'll follow their plan and the recipes are brilliant," she said.

"My top tip for anyone following the show or any of the leaders is to be prepared when it comes to food.

"I remember I used to have to go to the shops at night because I'd have forgotten the ingredients and that would stress me out, so having all the food you need in the house is so important.

"I'd really encourage anyone who's even thinking about it to get involved.

"It's only a few weeks out of your life and those seven or eight weeks made a huge difference in my life," she added.

Operation Transformation airs tonight at 8.30pm on RTE One


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