Thursday 19 April 2018

One in four men over the age of 85 enjoys an active sex life

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A new study has revealed that a quarter of men over the age of 85 have an active sex life, compared to just one in ten women.

The new research delved into the sex lives of pensioners and found that most men are having regular sex past the age of 65.

Meanwhile, one in five women considers sex regularly after they reach the age of 65 but the shorter life expectancy of men makes it more difficult for older women to find a sexual partner.

The report, conducted by the UK’s International Longevity Centre, stated: “Nearly two-thirds of divorcees and three-quarters of widowed people over 50 are women, which leaves heterosexual women with a much smaller pool to choose a partner from.”

The research found that men over the age of 65 think about sex at least once each day compared to only one in 50 women that age.

The report’s author Cesira Urzi Brancati said; “While on average, men aged over 65 think about sex and engage in sexual activity more often than their female counterparts, older women who think about sex quite often are also more likely to engage in sexual activity than men.

“Other studies have highliughted the role of health as opposed to ageing, in influencing older people’s sex life.

“And undoubtedly, healthy individuals report both a higher sexual desire and more frequent sexual activities.

“However even after taking the role of health into account we find that sexual desire – that is just the thinking about sex often or very often – is the strongest driver for sexual activity later in life,” she said.

The report also found that just one in 20 older people begins a new relationship after divorce or the death of their spouse.

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